Order of the Black Knights
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By The Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty.
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 Black Knights Greetings

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PostSubject: Black Knights Greetings   Black Knights Greetings I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 5:55 pm

Welcome To Order Of The Black Knights

Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem

Black Knights Greetings Logo3-1

"By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty."

Guild Leader:


Class: Fairy


Dragon Moon

_________________________________________________ _______________________________

As vivid as the day,
we were carved.
Black Knights will rule
nothing more.

To our greatest master
Yunalesca, “the Healer”,
may God bless her
the spirit of a soul bender.

To my guild mates,
We are great!,
bestowed by power
we hoped to foster.

We share our strength,
to players who need.
We implore might,
for those who hate.

To our friends and allies,
we sided for fight,
we followed treaties,
and did it right.

To our enemies,
we ought to destroy,
turn your back!
for our counter attack.

Credits to: Deignus - IGN: Asherah

_________________________________________________ _______________________________


Black Knights are the one that guards, watches over and protects players.
We are legally responsible for the care and management of the players
of an incompetent or a minor.
We'll be a friendly guild implementing no rpk and no k.o.s from our list.
We'll be a neutral guild with no enemies at all cost.
All we want is a healthy competition.
We'll help each other to achieve our goals.
For the beautification of our guild,
All members of this prominent guild must beautify themselves
and to other players as well.
We’re a peace loving guild. We don’t implement random PK's.
But as they say “The River may be long but it also has a limit.”
We are now recruiting peace loving, humorous, understanding,
active and loyal...

_________________________________________________ _______________________________


Our goal is simple.
To reach the highest level to help others who are in need
rather than to show who's vastly superior in PK's.

We may not be the most powerful guild.
But deep in our hearts there's a blood to it.
A blood that is so warm to welcome all of you
out there to join us as we move on to prove
that peace is the best way rather than a war.

_________________________________________________ _______________________________

Guild Rules and Regulations:

1.) Respect our fellow guild mates.
1:1 Members must respect each other regarding who they are.

2.) No random PK (player kill).
2:1 We will not tolerate random PK’s here in our guild.
2:2 You may only PK when they initiate the first attack and have a valid reason to PK.

3.) Hacking and Scamming are strictly prohibited.
3:1 Strictly no hacking and scamming in our guild and to other players.
3:2 Members that will be caught hacking someone will automatically lead to expulsion.
3:3 Members that will be caught or reported scamming someone will lead to expulsion.

4.) No spamming and flooding in our Guild Channel.
4:1 Avoid spamming in our Guild Channel if you’ll only use it for no good reasons.
4:2 You can only repeat your message 3 times in a row.

5.) Always do your Guild Quest everyday.
5:1 All members must do our guild quest everyday.
5:2 Each member must have 600 contribution points a day.

6.) Guild mates are priority in parties.
6:1 As much as possible always have a guild party in doing our
guild quest, scenario quest, in grinding or boss hunting.

7.) Help one another.
7:1 As much as possible help one another in terms of scenario, boss, or reputation quests.

8.) Members activeness.
8:1 All members must be very active in doing our Guild Quest and especially during Castle Siege.
8:2 Members must be online within a minimum of 4 hours a day.
8:3 If you'll be in-active more than 3-5 days notify me via PM, mail, FB account YM, Guild Forums
or Guild Website.

All members that are will be caught doing rpk's will be expelled with or without prior notice.

Our Guild Rules and Regulations are strictly observed.

Rules And Regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

_________________________________________________ _______________________________

Guild requirements:

* Must be level 40 above.

* Must be loyal and very active in doing our Guild Quest and especially during Castle Siege.

* Can at least play within a minimum of 4 hours a day. (Much better if you can play until midnight
from 12:00-4:00am for our guild activities.)

* Must do our Guild Quests everyday.

Register and post your application forms here: https://blackknights.niceboard.com/

Just PM the following Presbyters and Officers for guild invitation:

Presbyters: WahrDesolation and Shirayuki
Officers: flurry, bLake, ShinkaseN, Gameover, ayanako, SonicRush

_________________________________________________ _______________________________
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Black Knights Greetings
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