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 Guild Event: Bring Me

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Guild Event: Bring Me Empty
PostSubject: Guild Event: Bring Me   Guild Event: Bring Me I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 6:18 am

What: Bring Me
When: January 31, 2010 Sunday at 6:00pm
Where: In Game Guild Event


All members can participate in this event.


Members buy or hunt the items needed in every round of this event.


- There will be three difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard) and in every difficulty level, there will
be 10 rounds for (easy and normal) and 5 rounds for (hard).

- Before the round of a certain difficulty level starts, all the members that will participate must
be in our guild domain.

- As soon as the round starts, they must gather the items and once the participant have
the item needed for that round, They must look for the Guild Emissary's whereabouts and
trade the items needed for that round to the Emissary to verify the participant's items.

- The first one to trade the item needed for that round to the Guild Emissary will win.

- Members that will win the round can no longer participate in the same difficulty level.

- Only one winner will be declared per round.


Difficulty Level - Rounds - Prize

Easy - 10 - 1 piece of Titanium Stone
Normal - 10 - Package
Hard - 5 - Small Lucky Bag

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Guild Event: Bring Me
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